Documentary Filmmaking
To Help Brands Tell Their Story

Distill your message into one honest, human narrative, and viewers will identify. Make it compelling, and they engage. Distill Productions relies on documentary-style filmmaking, masterful cinematography, and intelligent distribution to create videos that mobilize your message.

Why Distill.

  1. Insight

    Digging deep into your brand and audience, we unearth your ultimate story.

  2. Innovation

    We never stop looking for fresh ways to tell your tale and deliver it to your audience.

  3. Artistry

    With creativity, experience, and skilled storytelling, we craft a narrative that moves your audience.

  4. Professionalism

    We keep communication clear and projects organized to deliver videos on time and on budget.

Your story, artfully distilled.

What we do.



Motion Graphics


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Montana Office of Tourism
Costa Santa Elena
Guacalito De La Isla
Frontiers North Adventures
Rio Manso Lodge
Aurelia Lodge
Estancia Laguna Verde
Polar Bears International
National Park Service
National 4H Council
Museum of the Rockies
Fly Fishing
Patagonia Fishing Company
Dreamcast Outfitters
Esquel Outfitters
First Interstate Bank
Right Now Technologies
Broadcast Footage
National Geographic

Who we are.

Andy Adkins portrait

Andy Adkins

An admitted perfectionist when it comes to filmmaking, Andy has been known to tinker with post-production, video graphics and sound mixing well into the night. He served as a Senior Producer on the Emmy-winning Montana PBS series "Terra."

Henry Harrison portrait

Henry Harrison

Passionate about capturing beautiful imagery, Henry has found himself sneaking up to polar bears in tundra buggies, floating the rivers of Patagonia, and digging for dinosaur bones in his home state of Montana. An award-winning filmmaker with a passion for the outdoors and natural world, his talents have been featured in National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery Channel projects.

George Potter portrait

George Potter

The “big picture” guy behind most of our shoots, George produced one of the world’s first video podcasts, taught undergraduate filmmaking, and directed and produced over thirty major projects for Distill's sister company, MercuryCSC.

MercuryCSCMercuryCSC is the sister company of Distill Productions and is a creative, strategic, communications agency that credibly connects brands to people who value authentic destinations and immersive experiences.

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